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Beverly Hills Leader in Cosmetic Procedures Earns Allergan’s Highest Level of Recognition

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Epione Beverly Hills, a leading, state-of-the-art laser and aesthetic medicine center has earned Allergan Inc.’s “Black Diamond” certification. The certification is awarded to leaders in the field of medical aesthetics and demonstrates their commitment to innovation, excellence and the highest level of patient care.

Epione Ranked #1 on Botox Website

March 11, 2010, Beverly Hills, CA — If you’d like to get Botox injections but don’t know where to get started, can help. The official website of Allergan, Inc.’s wrinkle busting Botox, has all the information you could want plus a find a doctor function. This allows a user to type in their address, … […]

Los Angeles Botox Treatment

Los Angeles Botox treatment procedures are on the rise. This is also true for other parts of the California. It is becoming a very popular method for the treatment of wrinkles that come with the aging process. In fact, it has become the most common form of cosmetic treatment in the United States. Here is … […]

Botox Treatments for Migraines in Los Angeles

There are thousands of people in the Los Angeles area that suffer from migraine headaches every year. Some people just have a few. Others suffer from migraines every month. Across the nation, there are 23 million sufferers. Botox treatments for migraines in Los Angeles are becoming a very effective way to deal with this ongoing … […]

Amazing breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery – Waking up the sleeping beauty

Today, cosmetic surgery has advanced to a great level. Cosmetic surgeons have many solutions to offer to their clientele when it comes to the corrective and cosmetic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic surgery solutions have a purpose to transform your appearance, maintain your beauty and youth, and give you one more reason to be … […]

Can Botox Cure Depression?

Major depression is a common and serious disorder. Often, psychotherapy and antidepressants are ineffective, and many patients are resigned to daily suffering. More research is needed, but a growing body of study suggests that modifying facial expressions can positively influence mood. Several recent studies have indicated that Botox (botulinum toxin A) treatments may offer relief … […]

Botox Treatment Los Angeles

Injecting wrinkles into oblivion — what could be better? In the fight against ageing, women (and men) deserve to have the upper hand. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, neckbands, and other unwanted facial lines are the result of toxic stress and a world that seems unable to take it easy for a single second. Fast-paced lifestyles and … […]

Botox – Can A Pillow Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep?

Contrary to popular opinion, sleep does not relive wrinkles. In fact, according to a statement released by the American Academy of Dermatology, sometimes sleep even may cause wrinkles. The statement claims that sleep lines formed when one rest his/her head on a pillow at night eventually become permanent imprints on one’s skin surface. The academy … […]

Botox – Another Medical Condition Treatable by The Wrinkle-Busting Drug

Many people know that Botox is one of the best treatments available for sagging skin and worry lines, but new research has emerged to suggest that this cosmetics operation has more medical value than previously thought. Jean One woman, a 75-year old retiree from New Jersey suffered from chronic overactive bladder, a condition that kept … […]

Botox – “The Fonz,” Henry Winkler Raises Awareness for Botox Therapy to Relieve Muscle Spasticity

Most people will probably remember Henry Winkler for his iconic role as the ‘Fonz’ in the 1970s American sitcom ‘Happy Days’. While the actor has enjoyed success away from that particular TV classic too, he recently raised the issue of Botox. When many people hear a Hollywood star talk about Botox, they immediately assume it … […]