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Is Acne Seasonal?

Skin concerns are prominent among people of all age, sizes, and looks. Keeping up with skincare routines can certainly be a task, and it isn’t uncommon to suffer from acne and other irritating conditions. Many patients fear acne due to the appearance it can give the skin; the red spots and blotches can take a … […]

What are the Worst Foods for Acne?

  You remember the rumors going around the halls of your high school: “Eating pizza will give you a pizza face!” “Chocolate will only give you pimples…” “French Fries are the worst for your skin!” Well, it turns out there is a nugget of truth in these myths. You may be taken aback by the … […]

Does Sun Exposure Cause Acne?

The fact that sun causes damage to the skin is a secret to no one. You have probably heard it a million times, but sunscreen is incredibly important in the protection of our skin. Sun exposure not only can lead to incredibly severe health conditions but is also a sneaky cause of some more common … […]

Acne – Is a Cure Around the Corner?

One may be forgiven for thinking that bacteria causes acne or even consider viruses as possible a possible cause. But is acne really caused by bacteria or reactions to the bacteria? Researchers have recently been dedicating their efforts to isolating the causes of acne in an effort to eliminate the pesky condition. Who is at … […]

A List of Things that May Cause Breakouts – Acne Treatment

Acne breakouts seem to occur at the most inappropriate times. Numerous factors may lead to this problem. Here is a look at eight things that can make a person break out. Contact Epione for your acne treatment options!

Acne – Researchers Find Good and Bad Acne

It’s a skin condition that leaves millions begging for brighter days. It can elicit worry in even the most self-assured. Acne is one of the most undesirable conditions out there today. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most ubiquitous. 85% of the population will have experienced it. It’s like an unfortunate rite of passage; after … […]

Treatments For Adult Acne

Teens are not the only ones that get acne, a surprisingly large number of adults have an acne problem as well. There are a growing number of treatments to help adults with this problem. It helps to understand the causes of adult acne so that appropriate steps can be taken to cure the problem.

The Effect of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been done for centuries—as early as ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. They are used to create a smoother appearing skin that is generally perceived as more attractive. You get results almost right away and you don’t have to be in a hospital to have it done. It helps get rid of acne … […]

Blue Light Facial

Thankful to the advancement of science and man’s never ending struggle for betterment, the quest for beauty didn’t end with highly invasive plastic surgeries. Cosmetic surgery has come a long way now and non-invasive, quick and affordable cosmetic treatments are the new catch. Blue Light facial therapy is effective in many skin problems that include … […]

Acne Treatment with Blue Light Therapy

If you happen to be a sufferer of acne and have failed medical or topical treatments, consider the Blue Light treatment.