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Do You Suffer From Unsightly Spider Veins?

Treatment of Spider varicose veins or sclerotherapy has been employed for more than 4 decades. Recent advances in medical technology have made treatment of spider veins increasingly effective at removing unwanted or unsightly veins. Spider veins are most commonly located on the thighs, ankles, and calves but do occasionally appear elsewhere. The goal of spider vein treatment is to permanently remove unwanted spider veins and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms that are usually associated with spider veins. There are many causes of spider veins and they can appear without warning due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight gain, a long time spent on your feet, and even as a side effect of certain medications. Spider veins manifest in three different usual patterns, all of which are visible through the skin surface. These three common types of spider veins are very thin “spider web-like” or “tree-like” veins and finally lengthy single veins.

Apart from being unsightly spider veins often burn, swell, or ache. This discomfort, coupled with their unsightly appearance may have a negative impact on your everyday life. If you suffer from these sorts of symptoms spider vein treatments may be appropriate for you. Good candidates for sclerotherapy are usually between 13 and 60 and are ideally in good health. To become the best candidate for spider vein treatment you should educate yourself about the treatment, so that your expectations are reasonable and you know how to care for yourself after the treatment.

Fortunately spider vein treatments are a relatively non-invasive procedure and do not require anesthesia. Discomfort from spider vein treatment is usually minimal. Sclerotherapy can be performed at your doctor’s office or in any well appointed outpatient surgical setting. After a spider vein treatment the doctor will usually provide you with a compression stocking to wear on the treated area, this is to assist you in a quick recovery and you should take care to wear it for as long as directed.

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There are more options available today than ever before for spider vein treatments and the doctor will discuss the various types of solutions that may be injected to collapse the vein. The doctor can answer your questions and work with you to reach the best choice of solutions appropriate for your condition.

The spider vein treatment
procedure itself is a basic technique where a bright light is directed at the offending spider vein as the doctor injects the solution into the vein with a thin needle, the solution then collapses the vein. The needle is very tiny and the injection locations are in close proximity. Collapsing a spider vein will reduce and usually eliminate its visibility and should also reduce or eliminate most of the uncomfortable symptoms usually associated with spider veins. If you are curious about how many injections you will require, as a rule of thumb each inch of spider vein you wish treated will require an injection.

A normal session lasts between 15 and 45 minutes and you can expect between five and fifty injections in a treatment depending on the severity of your spider vein condition.

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