Best Non-Surgical Nose Job

Beverly Hills cosmetic physician, Doctor Simon Ourian M.D. discusses non-surgical alternatives to the traditional rhinoplasty or nose job.

April 6, 2009 — The number one cosmetic surgery for years now has been breast augmentation followed at number two by liposuction. But if you are old enough you might remember a time when a nose job was almost a rite of passage for some teens. For some it was a sweet sixteen present or a gift upon turning eighteen. Perhaps the number of surgical nose jobs is declining because previously unavailable non-surgical options have appeared on the scene.

Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, located in the exclusive shopping, restaurant and hotel enclave in Los Angeles, California. “I would never knock surgical nose jobs,” says Doctor Ourian, “in fact, I credit the surgical nose job I had when I was eighteen with igniting my interest in medicine and my decision to eventually devote my practice to aesthetics.”

“I was always very self-conscious of my nose and, believe it or not, this caused me to shy away from people. But I was determined to change that so I saved all the money from my after school job and as soon as I turned eighteen I had the procedure done. I have no doubt it changed my life for the better.”

“That was more than twenty years ago,” continues Doctor Ourian, “and I’ve been able to pass on the gift that was given to me. I’m not a plastic surgeon, I’m a cosmetic physician and in just the past few years we’ve developed non-surgical options to the traditional rhinoplasty using dermal fillers such as Radiesse. Using Radiesse injections I can hide a bump on the bridge of the nose or balance a nose that appears thicker on one side than the other and overall create the appearance of a straighter more aesthetically plaeasing nose.”

Radiesse is typically the filler of choice for non-surgical nose jobs because of its relative longevity. Radiesse is a composed of tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. The consistency of Radiesse makes it an ideal dermal filler for the spongy areas that make up the nose.

“The two main advantages of a non-surgical none job”, explains Doctor Ourian, “are safety and recovery time. There is a risk any time you go under general anesthesia. The non-surgical nose job I perform is done with a local anesthesia. Patients walk in and out under their own power; typically in fifteen minutes or less. And anyone who has had a rhinoplasty knows that the swelling doesn’t completely go down for a year or more. With the non-surgical option you can be back to work the next day and the swelling is gone in a matter of days or week.”

“What is the best non-surgical nose job and where can you get it done?” asks Dr. Ourian. “In my opinion the Radiesse is your best option for a non-surgical nose job. It isn’t for me to say who can best perform this procedure. I suggest that any prospective patient do the research, speak with the doctor and work with someone with whom they believe can best achieve their aesthetic goals. My medical practice has been devoted exclusively to aesthetics for more than ten years. I will let my record speak for itself.”