Feather Lift


Photos courtesy of Dr. Paul Nassif.
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Feather Lift before and after photos

If you have never heard of a feather lift before that is not entirely surprising, but if you are reading this then you are likely one of the millions of people for whom the procedure may be highly desirable. A feather lift is essentially a lesser type of facelift where a small piece of excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is pulled together resulting in a smoother younger looking appearance. A feather lift is generally applied to the skin around the eyelid, reducing the appearance of aged sagging skin that commonly comes with age. If you are interested in reducing the signs of age around your eyes, particularly wrinkles, then a feather lift may be a good procedure for you and you should have a look at the before and after photos that Epione of Beverly Hills has compiled for your edification in our very extensive photo gallery. Feather lift before and after photos are an excellent tool that you can use to identify people with a condition similar to your own so that you can see exactly the sorts of results that can be achieved through the means of a feather lift. In these feather lift before and after photos you can see ordinary people just like yourself who have undergone feather lifts in order to achieve the youthful appearance that our ever more youth obsessed, physical appearance aware society demands. In fact thousands of procedures are done every year in the United States alone just like those that you can see in these feather lift before and after photos.

You should be aware, if you are considering a procedure of the sort that you see exemplified in these feather lift before and after photos, that signs of aging around the eyes, including sagging skin and wrinkles, do not pose a threat to your health, and a feather lift, although a minor surgery is a surgical procedure and is not entirely without risk of complications. If you have considered these risks and still feel that a a procedure like those that you see in these feather lift before and after photos is appropriate for you then you should make a strong effort to find an experienced, reputable physician with whom you can discuss your condition further. A physician will be able to help you identify the source of your condition and can work with you to help you determine just what, if any, sort of procedure is appropriate for you. The answer may be a procedure like those you see in these feather lift before and after photos, but it may also be a less invasive procedure, and you should attempt to maintain an open mind in the early stages of the process so that you get the procedure best suited to your specific condition. It is very important that you base your decision on which cosmetic surgeon you work with on their experience and qualifications and not the price of the service they offer you. A poorly performed cosmetic surgery will not result in the smooth appearance like those you see in these feather lift before and after photos.